Regional aspiration rise of regional parties

They now, strongly uphold the cause of Indian unity and integrity along with upholding their respective regional interests. The allies of coalition government help to overcome the lethargy of the government and always keep the government on its toes.

Thirdly, the Sikh community, like all other religious communities, was internally differentiated on caste and class lines. India adopted a democratic approach to the question of diversity.

NCERT Class XII Political Science II: Chapter 8 – Regional Aspirations

This has significantly affected Indo-Srilanka relations. Similarly, in some parts of the north-east, there was no consensus about being a part of India. While the rest of the country was reorganised on linguistic lines in s, Punjab had to wait till for the creation of a Punjabi speaking State.

Demands for autonomy At independence the entire region except Manipur and Tripura comprised the State of Assam.

NCERT Class XII Political Science II: Chapter 8 – Regional Aspirations

It has been accused of instigating many riots in the state, including the Mumbai riots of the late s, the Bhiwandi riots in and the Mumbai riots of Whether such a trend is good for Indian democracy can be debated; but one cannot ignore the fact that in a large democracy smaller parties do have a place and also have a crucial role to play.

Earlier the regional parties were unable to play major role at the Centre due to the dominance of Congress Party. They have also focused the attention of the people in remote areas on various political and economic issues and contributed to political awakening.

Sincethe regional parties are emerging with greater political appeal to control most of the state politics. As the PM said, the wider vision and sense of collective purpose is lacking in Regional Parties.

Thus, genuine problems of the people could only be resolved through regional parties, which not only brought the problem to light but ensured the national party had to overcome its own vested interest in not solving the problem. These thus create artificial differences in society, by highlighting differences and ignoring the commonalities.

The National Conference was a secular organisation and had a long association with the Congress. It is estimated that over registered political parties have appeared in India since the Independence.

In the north, there were strong pro-Hindi agitations demanding that Hindi be made the official language immediately. It consider itself [to be] society.

Have regional parties lived up to people’s aspiration?

The Branch Command Secretary and other executive positions are filled by full-time party employees.What has given rise to such development is the rise of regional parties which try hard to make their presence felt at the centre as well.

When Indian democracy had its first elections in Oct 12,  · The assembly elections and the subsequent elections resulted in the rise of regional parties and their consolidation and the fall of INC (I).

The Major Regional Political Parties of India

The elections was the last election in which single party got the clear mandate to form a government at the centre.

The rise of regional parties has indisputably transformed the very nature of electoral politics in India. For the foreseeable future, it is unimaginable that a single party could form the government in New Delhi—a testament enough to this tectonic shift.

The rise of regional parties was sharp in the late s and ’90s when the country saw acute polarisation of voters in terms of socio-economic groups. During this period voters from the disadvantaged sections took greater part in voting. The Regional Command is supposed to be subordinate to the National Command, and official media portray it as such to stress the government's commitment to Ba'athist ideology.

Since al-Assad's rise to power, the National Command has been subordinate to the Regional Command. Besides, democratic politics allows parties and groups to address the people on the basis of their regional identity, aspiration and specific regional problems.

Thus, in the course of democratic politics, regional aspirations get strengthened.

Regional aspiration rise of regional parties
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